Dear Windows IDE Dev: PLEASE Keep It Win 7 Compatible

Pretty please? For the love of monkeys, please?
I don’t know what the current status of the Win IDE is, but I know I have the most current version. With the open-sourcing of Inform, I’m looking forward to updates.
Side-note: I hope the various IDEs unify their capabilities and features etc and simply become a single application development environment ported to multiple platforms. I understand that the IDE is currently multiple devs, and well … Frankly … That really just seems like a bad idea. I hope everyone can come together and develop an overall IDE standard. (I’ve coveted a couple Mac features, for instance)

Microsoft stopped publishing new security updates for Windows 7 2.5 years ago.

Oddly enough, according to stats, 12% of web users using Windows are still using Windows 7.


Isn’t one of the supposedly-planned new features of Neo Inform that you can specify to use an older build version on the fly? That probably doesn’t have to do with the IDE, but will make backward-compatibility simpler, hopefully.

That is an IDE feature, but it’s about compiling older versions of I7 source code. It has nothing to do with running the IDE on older operating systems.

There’s already an overall IDE standard. Graham suggests IDE features and then all the IDE devs build them, trying to stay as close together as possible. I know David wants to port new Mac features over to Windows; it’s just a matter of effort.

(The IDEs have been open-source for a lot longer than the compiler. Just to note…)

We could think about building a cross-platform IDE – that is, a single codebase that uses a cross-platform toolkit like Electron. This is a popular option. Twine and Lectrote both work this way, not to mention commercial apps like Slack. But it’s generally agreed that cross-platform toolkits are clunkier and less flexible than native apps. They don’t have access to all the UI features of the native OS, so the user experience is never as good.

(Also, they’re enormous. Electron-Inform would be probably twice as big a download as the current Inform.)



Part of IF is being available to EVERYONE, regardless of computer or time frame or situation or whatever. Free Entry to any character. Beholden to AD&d rules. SUCKSZ! But so did the pen and paper game.

While we’re here to discuss IF and the tools, snapping at people and making demands is not constructive discussion. This thread is locked.