Dean Menezes' port of "Dungeon" (aka, the original Zork) updated to latest Inform 7 release

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the community so please be gentle! If I should post this somewhere else or I’ve otherwise walked into some kind of nest of hornets just let me know and I’ll back away slowly! :slight_smile:

I wanted to play Zork and learn Inform 7 by poking at it in the IDE but the only version I found online for Inform 7 was Dean Menezes’ port requiring a version of Inform from 2007 (5G67).

Step one, then was to upgrade his code to account for the various language changes that have occurred since then. The results of this effort are here:

I’m going to go through the code line-by-line and format it to my liking and try to absorb some of the language by osmosis in the process.

I’ll then actually play-test the thing and see if my various fixes worked as intended. At this point it compiles but I haven’t played through yet. Feel free to file issues if you find something broken and I’ll try to fix it or, better yet, submit a PR for a fix!

I’m super excited for Inform 8 (or whatever Graham is going to call it) to be released and offer this exercise as a sacrifice to the gods of code that they might expedite his efforts. :stuck_out_tongue:



Reformatting is proceeding. More notable is the fact that I found a more recent version of Dean’s work dating to 2008 which appears to be feature complete and resolved some high memory use issues. While testing I’ve increased the lantern battery power substantially so if you want an authentic play experience you’ll need to drop the first two digits from the lamp-power variable. Once the whole thing has been tested via walkthrough I’ll post here again.