Dead Hotel Update v2 and feelies


the game Dead Hotel has been updated. The new version includes game fixes, gameplay extensions and new feelies. See copy of deadupdate.txt below.


Download Links:

IFArchive … hotel.html


A new video walkthrough for the updated version has also been uploaded to YT:

Could you please upload this somewhere else? Every single time I try, I get a message saying my IP limit has been reached (and I’d never seen that site before).

Also, why are there more files on your .zip than on the competition?

Hrm… I didn’t think you could release an updated version of a comp game during the comp, unless said “update” is nothing more than a unplayable bug fix or something.

In previous years this was true. This year the rule has been changed.


Because you can’t add new gamefiles to the competition. You can only replace those which you have uploaded originally for some reason.