DayJob: A game about capitalism and life

Bored of your job? Wish you could work long hours and get paid a pittance for a second time in your day? Try DayJob! Role play as an employee in a typical office environment. Flail on the keyboard until you fill your quota and get rewarded with the next narrative in the story that is your sad, mundane life.

My two man team has mostly finished a game. We have the basic starting story down and are happy with the mechanics of the game. We need some feedback though. Our goal is to bring interactive fiction into a modern medium: web games! We use Twine to create our story and each round of the game you play you get the next plot point. As we progress we’ll be adding new stories.

Our game has a twist compared to other IF though. As opposed to manually making choices, all your choices are automatically made for you based on the character you are playing. Each character has their own randomly generated personality and as you play the game their personality changes. This means each character has a unique story for them!

Check it out in web or Android

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First impression here: Didn’t know Twine is THAT capable (I’m-a start investing into Twine from now :smiley: )
As much as the work environment portraited in the game seems horrible, DayJob seems awesome.
The cash flow in the game seems fluent and reasonable, though I’ve JUST started the game, I’ll play it from time to time and input more impressions about the game.
Great work, keep up!