Darninian heroes- Curse of the opera, A new twine mystery story/game!

Hi I am new here and have a game demo I would like to share with this community!

Play the game/story WIP here!-919.5 KB file on MEGA

(update! Version 0.2 released!)
-Got rid of some unessacery endings
-more done on bethany’s route
-drama route complete




Your link isn’t working however… I get an error message…
Are you sure it is published?
Normally a URL looks like:


The link for some reason wouldn’t work, do you know why?

Edit- I keep getting a 422 error popup every time I copy paste the link

This is because your account is too new to have the ability to post links.

You need to reach the status of “Member” to get it. You get that status by reading threads, interacting with posts (like) and so on…
(This is done to protect the forum from bots and spams)

Oh thanks! also I just realised that my link now works! so thank you for the help!

It does but also not:

Thanks, I just emailed the itch.io support staff for some help. Thank you, you have just helped me greatly!

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If you’ve published a game. You can get this URL when you are on the game page proper. Like :

(see the URL at the top?)


could be part of a Itch.io widget. Which will only redirect users if you include the whole widget code.

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I decided to upload it to mega instead because I couldn’t get itch.io to work.