D'Arkun needs betatesters

My WIP D’Arkun needs betatesters.

I’m aiming for IFcomp and I plan to test this game in its three parts - each of them is rather small so the testing effort should be reasonable.
Part 1 could be given to you next week I guess.
About the game: I don’t want to tell too much, but it has a lovecraftian theme and takes place in a coastal vicinity with a slightly historic background.
If you are interested, please p.m. me.

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I’d be happy to help. I saw the tags said Dialog; is this written in the Dialog engine? Either way, sounds cool!

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Yes, it’s indeed in Dialog. Testing period begins shortly. You’ll hear from me then. Thanks for your reply!

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can you give me your E-mail adress please?
Thanks in advance

Ok, I will be proud of helping you.

Thank you very much!
Can you give me your email adress?
Testing begins shortly …

Hello everyone who is willing to do some Betatesting.
My WIP “D’Arkun” has now Beta 2 status. I’m still looking for some testers. Though I already got some good feedback on the first two parts of the game, I still need some more as the game has now fully developed.

If you want to help out please let me know.

several bugs occurred that maybe keep you from playing through the whole game.
I suggest you wait for the next beta version.

Stay tuned