Darkness Image

If a room is in darkness how can I prevent inform from displaying the image until the player has turned on a light to light up the room?

What do you mean by the image? By default Inform doesn’t display any images at all.

As Draconis suggests, your question is kind of vague. But let’s assume that you have code that looks like this:

Kitchen is a room. "This is the kitchen."
Figure kitchen-illustration is the file "kitchen.jpg".

Before looking in the Kitchen:
	display figure kitchen-illustration.

To prevent Inform from displaying the image if it’s dark, change the Before rule to:

Before looking in the Kitchen when the kitchen is lighted:
	display figure kitchen-illustration.

You should be able to adapt this to whatever’s going on in your game. The key is to test if the room is lighted when drawing an image instead of drawing it unconditionally.

Thanks for you help, also forgot to mention that I was using the extension by Emily Short. the extension that allows you to place fixed images.