CYOA help : repeater issue


I’m using AW Freyr’s Hybrid Choices and the first choice page on my CYOA mode thing shows double… :c

I tried cheating my way out, I tried digging my way out, nothing’s worked. :c I’m all out of ideas.
Does anyone know how to make it go “once is enough” ?

the difference between “first” and “now” is because [roman type]What shall we do [one of]first[or]now[stopping]?

Can you post a longer code snippet? Do you have anything triggering ‘when play begins’?

I have a looooooooooooooot of stuff already and I kinda wanna keep it a secret but… yeah i’m f***ed aren’t I?

there’s calculations in several layers to work out birthdays and assign names and types to actors.

most of the work is done in “to say” 's but the main one is a “first when play begins”.

I’m not sure if that’s helpful enough because the only other thing would be to share the source but that would ruin a lot of work already. :c on the other hand…

Turn on rules tracing in a first when play begins?

do a what now?

I barely know how to turn on a TV.

it jumps straight into CYOA mode, without any chance to input keywords.

in chapter 24.3 i find this

that’s all i find and … o.o I’m too noob to understand how to do this. i’m gonna try some words in my when play begins to see if they’ll fit.

it’s not follow the switch rules tracing on rule;

the error cannot be reproduced if i drop to a room so i can input commands, enter “rules” and then activate the CYOA bit.


i think i managed to cheat my way through with this:

After looking for the first time: switch to cyoa at CYOAintro;

I don’t know how or why this works, but for now this will suffice - HOWEVER! I am very interested in knowing WHY and HOW this works, so I can reproduce glorious success in the future!
Not knowing is still a fail for me, even though it works.