CYA style book online - All Your Magic Are Belong To Us: The Legend of the Green Lake

Hello everyone!

We are two programmers and we developed in our spare time a website where you can play our new interactive novel, Choose Your Own Adventure style.

It’s called “All Your Magic Are Belong To Us: The Legend of Green Lake” and is set in a mountain camping where strange things happens. You are Scott, a kid with a passion for investigation, determined to unveil the mistery of the Hand passed by word of mouth at the campsite.

You can play it for free right now at this link: All Your Magic Are Belong To Us

We built the database and the frontend from scratch, with original drawings, a curated soundtrack to highlight the mood and all the perks coming from having our game working as a website (multiple save files, inventory etc).

We are very proud of our effort and had some nice reviews on the Italian version (we’re from Venice).

We translated it ourself, and is now fully available in english!

We would love to have some feedback on the story, the platform and the translation, and we hope you are going to love it as well.

Thanks to everyone that will try it and let us know what they think!

Marco and Fabio