Customising the Trialogue menu bar

If you are requesting technical assistance with Twine, please specify:
Twine Version: 2.3.9
Story Format: Trialogue

I’m farily new with Twine, and currently experimenting with the Trialogue story format to create a text chat style game. However despite attempted Googling of the issue, I can’t seem to figure out how to customise the menu bar - by default you get a ‘Menu’ and ‘Back’ button that appear at the top of the screen when playing the game, but I don’t know how to change what content would appear when clicking those buttons. Any advice would be much appreciated!

It should be noted that that button seems to only appear when the width of the web-browser’s viewport isn’t wide enough to show Trialogue’s Right Sidebar.

If you look at lines 101 to 127 of the index.html file found in the Trialogue GitHub repository you will see mention of a series of JavaScript functions whose names start with inject, these functions can be used to inject HTML into specific pre-defined areas of the page.
eg. inject_nav_menu() and inject_left_sidebar().

If you look at lines 10 to 27 of the fillafulla.twee file found in the GitHub repository for the Filla Fulla Chat demonstration project, you will see an example of the usage of the above mentioned functions.

I couldn’t find any mention of these functions within the Trialogue documentation, which isn’t that uncommon for these types of story formats that expect you to be able to read the source code to discover how things work internally.

Thanks so much for your reply, I’ll experiment with those functions!