Custom headings for Inform 7 code?

I looked and searched, didn’t find it, assuming it’s not possible but, just in case:

Is there any way – even if it means digging into configuration files somewhere – to change what the headings are? By headings I mean “Volume”, “Book”, and so on. I get why the choices were made as they were but – except for “Part” and “Section” – they don’t really match my way of thinking at all.

Think I answered my own question. The Mac and Windows versions seem to hardcode it.

Mac: … ralIntel.m

Windows: … rceLexer.h

You don’t need to use them all. If Part and Section don’t fit your way of thinking then don’t use them.

The question was not whether I had to use them – I know they’re optional – but whether there was a way to change them to more accommodate how you are structuring the code.

Right now I’m modifying a local build of Inform to read from a file that will contain the heading values. I’ll see how that works out.

The easiest way I got it in my head was a mnemonic Very Bad People Choose Satan. And as Dannii said, sometimes I just make everything a new volume and leave it at that. The subsections help most if you’re heavily using the outline view to move around your code.

The heading names are baked into both the compiler and the IDEs.

One day you will be able to define new Inform source-code languages, but this feature is still rudimentary.