curving text/links in Twine

I’m working on a project where a space capsule acts as a hub for the story. What I’d like to do is have all the different things you can access in the capsule appear as links that are rotating in concentric rings. Clicking a link would take you to a different part of the story.

So the first thing I’m trying to figure out is:

  1. Can you bend text in Twine? It seems like circletext.js might make this possible, but I’m stuck trying to make it work.

  2. Can you make text move in Twine? If I can bend the link into a circle, will I then be able to make it rotate?

I’m working in Twine 2/Sugarcube and am a javascript neophyte. Any help appreciated!

I don’t believe Twine natively contains the ability to bend nor move text dynamically for display. This sounds like a job for HTML/CSS/JS plugin wizardry.

The other thing that springs to mind (as a person who doesn’t know how to do this kind of thing) is you might be able to create the words you want as clickable images in ring-form, which might facilitate the work of rotating them as graphics for display instead of generating them as text in Twine.

This type of display concept sounds like a thing that might be easier to accomplish in a VN engine such as Ren’Py or VNMaker, where clickable moving/rotating graphics and text with hotspot maps are actually built into the toolset.