Curses! - I've trapped myself

I have been playing curses! a bunch and i love it so far, but i think i might have gotten myself stuck, and i wanted to know if there is some way to get unstuck before i restore my save from a million years ago.

I read the poetry book, rode on the hollow man’s boat, and got out at the garden. Then i got into the garden roller after a bit, and rolled over the lawn ornaments, finding the ancient well. I was wondering if throwing stuff down there would do anything, and even though i didn’t really think it would, i threw ALL of my stuff down there since it said that i was too large to fit. I figured that i would just undo a couple of times to get it all back, but it was then that i realized that you can only ondo once, or rather only one turn. So now all of my stuff is stuck at the bottom of the well :blush:, and i was hoping that there is some way to get down there to get my stuff.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have, i feel pretty stupid, especially since my last save was quite a while ago. :blush:

AFAIK… you’re pretty much screwed, if you’ll pardon my French.

Curses is a very unforgiving game, and you might have even locked yourself out of victory BEFORE your little stunt. If you want to have any hope at finishing it you really have to save often. For example, when I finished Jigsaw, by the same author, I had +100 saved games. That’s the sort of compulsion you’ll need for Curses.

Also, don’t be afraid to turn to the walkthrough. :wink:

Oh yeah. On my first attempt I made the fatal mistake of playing in Parchment, which only gives you one save (because it’s stored in the page’s GET data). I managed to get to the random sliding-block puzzle, found it unwinnable, solved the puzzle to reverse the parity, and then slid blocks around for an hour before rage-quitting as I didn’t have a save from before I messed up the puzzle.

It’s not the best system in the world, but you can make a different bookmark every time you save in Parchment and have as many saves as you want.

That’s clever, I’ll try that.

I email to myself the url each time :slight_smile: