Curses: Help with "visualizing" something

My request is below in the spoilers, but I just wanted to say that I don’t really want a hit per se; actually, I’d appreciate the least “hinty” response possible. :slight_smile: The problem is that I don’t know what I’m looking at so I’d appreciate some kind of clarification, maybe an example of the same thing in other words, or even a link to an image, for example.

I’m at the Dark Passage, wearing the mask, and I see a “sandstone recess”. There is no further description, and it can’t contain things, so I’m a bit confused as to what exactly I’m looking at (probably because I’m not a native English speaker).


I imagined something like this, but carved out of sandstone.

In other words, it’s an architectural feature that you can’t really do much with.


Great, thanks! While we’re at it, should I be thinking of something specific for the miniature Folly? By looking up that word/concept, it seems to be quite a generic word.

“Folly” is used here in the “decorative architecture” sense: European nobility used to love having small buildings constructed on their estates for purely decorative purposes. This one is some useless but aesthetic construction project Capability Meldrew had built out in the garden, which didn’t last long before it came crashing down.

I don’t remember how much is described about this particular Folly’s appearance but this image from the Wikipedia page seems fitting.

(Photo by Ilja Klutman)

The miniature is a depiction of how it looked before its untimely demise.


Perfect, thanks a lot! I’ll probably come back, I only have 56 points so far. :slight_smile: I can see this will take a long time…


I have always thought that the Meldrew responsible for the poorly built folly should have been nomenclatured “Incapability” Meldrew on account of his lack of artisanal skill. Naturally with deference to the real-life “Capability” Brown.

He is another example of the Meldrews’ collective lack of achievement down the ages.

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To be fair, he did finish building the Folly, which is more than most Meldrews accomplished!

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That is true. Although maybe cement would have worked better than a bean pole to hold it together. But then again waving cement…

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