Curses - gentle hints required

I know that it’s possible to put the game in an unwinnable state without realising it. I’ve done 2 things that may have already caused this.

In the TS Eliot inspired world I entered by reading the poetry book I came back out with only a tarot card. I said I was an even number of years to the fortune teller, deduced from the card and the year. I never did anything at the ticket booth.

I drove the motorized roller over the bust by the mosaic

Have I put the game into an unwinnable state? If I haven’t, have I been very clever?

I don’t think you have.

There’s a magic word that gets you back to the T.S. Eliot world if you examined the mural first. Did you do that?

And I think your second action was correct.

There was a word

shantih - behind a poster in TS Eliot world. I’ve not found one round the mmosaic. Can you only find it before destroying the bust?

Hm. Tbh I don’t quite remember when I found the word, but…

Shantih isn’t the one.

Have you moved Mad Isaac’s portrait yet?

It goes somewhere near the Octagonal Room.

The word is “lagach”.