Curly Apostrophes in Hints (adv3Lite) -- solved

I’ve just now discovered that the display of hints in adv3Lite doesn’t replace straight-up-and-down apostrophes with curly ones. The character string ’ produces a straight-up-and-down apostrophe in the hints.

I tried replacing ’ with <’>, per HTML, but that didn’t work. It printed nothing at all to the screen.

Edit: Apparently I need to do it without the < and > characters. That seems to work.

[rant]I’ve found nothing in “Getting Started with HTML TADS” that addresses this issue. The unicode for this character is U+2019, according to a web search I just did, but the article “Source File Character Sets” doesn’t seem to explain how to format a single character within a string using this code. Searching for “apostrophe” in “Learning T3 with Adv3Lite,” I found nothing relating to this issue. The "Output Formatter article leads me to think <\u2019> will work, but it produces a blank output too.

Of course the output will be interpreter-dependent in any case, but since most modern interpreters do display curly quotes and curly apostrophes, I’d like the hints to do so as well. If the interpreter doesn’t display them, I would hope that the hints would degrade gracefully to straight-up-and-down symbols, as I’m sure happens in the normal output text.

Am I stuck with ugly output, or is there some way to insert curly apostrophes into adv3Lite code?[/rant]