Cultist Simulator by Weather Factory - Demo now Available on Steam

(Click on the link title, not Buy on Steam, to access the full store page that has the link to the demo.)

Ditto Heaven’s Vault, apparently:

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Book of Hours has you taking on the role of a librarian for a repository of the occult, and is being designed as a more contemplative, less punishing take on Cultist Simulator’s narrative card game approach. Players will be tasked with talking to visitors to the library, finding books to serve their needs and, in the process, altering the tales of those characters and the world outside your place of work.

But at the core of it all is the simple joy and myriad effects of reading. Books will serve as a background stories, an upgrade system (learning Latin from one book, for example, might help you read another) and a dialogue tool. You won’t be reading them in full but, like a true scholar, using snippets to help you in myriad ways. “Think about the books on a wizard’s shelf,” Kennedy tells me, “or the books in Giles’ library in Buffy. You keep hitting the books to find stuff out.”

And above all of this, you can live out your wildest, most perverted librarian fantasies: “I want people to be able to alphabetise obsessively, or to invent their own classification systems, or just to dump all the books in a pile on the shelf and post screenshots that drive other players wild with rage.”