Cross-Platform Z-Machine Platform (With Version 6)?

I’m trying to put together a unique thing and I was hoping to get some suggestions from you z-machine experts!

I want to put together a program or document that will do two things:

  1. has some some z-machine games embedded and
  2. launches some PDF files.

The program or document must be:

  1. Cross-Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), or easy enough to make native programs for each environment
  2. Work with version 3-6, yes 6, games.

Here’s what I’m envisioning. You run a program that comes up with a screen that shows the game (note I don’t want a screen that has buttons that launches the games in a different environment, I really want the games embedded in the program). On that screen there are buttons that can launch PDF files (the documentation for the games). It’s okay if the PDFs are launched in a different environment (I’m assuming most people will have an Acrobat reader).

I originally thought I would just create a PDF with the games in a Flash z-machine (you can embed Flash in PDFs), but none of the Flash interpreters handle version 6. I’ve been exploring many, many platforms and interpreters but haven’t found any that will fit the bill. Any suggestions?

  • Rick Thornquist

I’m afraid that it’s unlikely that you’ll find anything to meet such specific requirements without having to do a bit of coding yourself…