Cross origin requests on

Heads-up, per (, just started adding the following headers earlier today :

Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp

If you have games on that are using resources hosted elsewhere you might have to fix them.
In my case that meant fonts I used from google’s CDN ( suddenly stopped working.


Wow, that’s irritating. Thanks for the heads up. For an ignorant like myself, how is this problem fixed?

I just bundled all the fonts I was using into the zip file I uploaded to itch.

Sheesh. I was wondering if that would be the case. Thanks.

This seems like it would have huge ramifications for Twine on itch, no? I’ve scanned a few games (including my own) and they’re ALL broken.

… that’s hyperbole. They’re not all broken, but many of the games I’ve peeked at are.

Package all your assets (images, fonts, sounds) into the zip file that you upload, and use relative links to refer to everything.

(I think that’s good policy in any case. Google sometimes kills off services. Nobody thinks they’re going to kill off, but who knows for sure…)

It’s possible that Itch will modify this policy if it causes widespread problems. Keep an eye on their discussion.