Creative Cooking v.1.5 (post-comp release)

I’m happy to release the post-comp 1.5 release of Creative Cooking

It’s largely improved re. the Comp release, taking in account the constructive criticism received, namely the lack of response to examining decorative items.

Remain what is is, an unpretentious quickie, perhaps ideal for killing some time, for example, prior of festive dinner (yes, I 'fess up: the release few days prior of Christmas eve IS intentional… and hope that your festive dinner is happy as the one of Woriyo and her friends :slight_smile: )

It’s just uploaded in its proper place, that is, the IF archive, and hopefully will be available in time for, well, eyeryone’s festive dinner, but for the impatient, is also here in this post: (139.5 KB)

Merry festivities and
Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.