creation tool online

greetings to all
I take this space, to present an online tool to create interactive stories,
no programming skills, we can create stories quickly and easily.

yet there is a story in English, I encourage you to create it :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy it.

is still in testing phase, any contribution will be welcomed.

Can you summarise what advantages you think your tool has over other tools?

I not speak english, sorry (thanks google translate)

rapid development, no programming language through

if you want to try it and need help, I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Is there an instruction manual, even in Spanish? I tried the tool, but I didn’t understand how it works. I added a text node and a couple of choices to it, but the preview shows an empty page with only the page footer.

Do you have an example story? The gallery is also empty.

you must save the project so that the preview shows changes.

I will ride a story of example in short, it really is easier than it seems, only with the nodes ‘story’ (the text of our history) and nodes ‘decision’ (options shown to the user) can be mounted many things :slight_smile:

Gallery only show stories marked how ‘all audiences’

Thanks, I got it working. It might be reasonable to automatically save when the author clicks preview.

very good contribution, thanks

Hi all, I’ve added a new feature, the ability to add chapters to the tree, to better organize history.

It also changes the url of the site, now

I encourage you to try, email entry upon registration does not require confirmation, the password is stored encrypted with MD5, unlimited private stories.
I hope you like it, greetings

p.d .: I have translated the site with google translate, sorry for the mistakes that may have (this will correct soon :slight_smile:

Hello again, after a few months of work I wanted again to tell you that I finish the development of, I had to make a lot of corrections, I rushed when I announced here, there were many loose ends to tie, even now There are still, but they are very ‘rare’ things that probably do not support because this in the end have become a ‘monster’ and was not my intention, I just wanted to make a dialog builder for another game application Type point and click on the one that I am working at the moment and well, little more, if you animal to use it and you have any doubt I will be happy to help you.

a greeting

This looks very nice but I’m not quite sure what I’m doing.

Is all story text red, or does that mean something?
I made two decisions with individual responses, but then the story stopped. Is it supposed to flow to the next node?
I can’t seem to access the +conditional button once I’ve started writing something.

What about, HanonO? I’m glad you like it, I answer on your comment.

Is all story text red, or does that mean something?

  • The red nodes indicate either that it is a story that does not hang decisions, or decisions that do not link to a story node.

I made two decisions with individual responses, but then the story stopped. Is it supposed to flow to the next node?

  • Effectively, flows to the next node.
  • You can also link decisions using the context menu, this opens a window to select the desired history.

I can’t seem to access the +conditional button once I’ve started writing something.

  • The condition type nodes can only hang from a decision.

I used google translate for this, I hope it’s understood well.

A greeting.

Hello again, I just posted a new version of the site that adds some new feature, pull and use objects, add javascript and css files to customize the project, etc …

I hope you like it, greetings.

i’m somewhat interested in looking at this but would be a lot more likely to try it if:

  • it were possible to play with it without signing up
  • there were sample stories (the gallery looks to be empty)
  • there were an explanation of what sorts of things it makes (“interactive books” is very general)
    but especially the first one.

hi helado, you can play an example in:

currently you can register with any name in order to test the site, this will change soon, as it is now I can not notify users of any updates.

a greeting

(también he dejado mi respuesta en español a continuación)

this sample is a good start; i would’ve liked to see it in the gallery. however, it’s unclear to me what distinguishes this site from other things like ink. if the editor were open without registering, like twine 2’s web editor is, that would be a definite step up.

<este ejemplo está bien para empezar y me gustaría haberlo visto en la galería. sin embargo, no me queda claro qué diferencia este sitio de cosas parecidas, tan como ink. si fuera posible usar el editor sin inscribirse, como lo hace el editor web de twine 2, sería una mejora notable.>

edit: por accidente omití las palabras “para empezar”

What’s up? Again here …

I added some improvement like:

  • use / leave / combine as default actions for any object
  • the possibility of including a custom action menu

And that’s it for now :slight_smile:

In the next update I will include an example of how to customize the stories using your own stylesheets and javascript files.

A greeting