Creating rooms automatically

I would like to test some new functions and need a large map to do it properly. Rather than slogging through hours of creating rooms and linking them together, I wonder if there is a way to create one room and have Inform create the others automatically using arithmetic I provide. Is this possible, or should I get started on creating the rooms manually?

Yes, but I believe you have to use Jesse McGrew’s dynamic objects extension to create rooms at runtime.

Alternatively you could write a script (not in Inform) that’ll do it before compile time. Maybe someone here has one?

Also “Dynamic Rooms” by Aaron Reed. This seems to be exactly what I needed.

But what was that other method? May be useful to learn.

Cool, I didn’t know about Dynamic Rooms, that seems much better.

By a script I meant a program (in bash, Python, Perl, etc.) which would output a file of room-creating code that you would then cut and paste into the I7 IDE.

If you’re on PC you can use Trizbort - it doesn’t make them automatically, but you can basically hit CTRL-R a bunch of times to make rooms, drag them around, then connect them randomly and have the program spit out code to text that you can paste into Inform.

Here’s a quick grid generator: