Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 by Aaron Reed

I’ve been looking out for a copy of this for some time, but it only seems to be available for £100+ second-hand.

Anyone got a copy they’re not currently using that they’re willing to lend in exchange for eternal gratitude?

Many thanks in advance for any kind offers.

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Are you open to an ebook?

I purchased the Kindle edition of the book on The Kindle edition is no longer for sale, but Barnes and Noble still sells it for Nook. You would need a tablet (like an iPad or Android Tablet) that supports the Nook app or a Nook Reader.

Here’s the link for the eBook if you are interested.


If you’re not in a terrible hurry, I believe he is working on an updated copy right now. The current copy is somewhat obsolete with the updates to Inform since it was published.


Thanks everyone. I have received an offer by PM.


Has Aaron said that?

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Yes, but with no timeline or promise that it will ever get finished.

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Fair enough.

Either way, he seems to have his hands full at the moment!

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Granted. Good point.