Creating code that is actioned when player goes in direction

I am converting an old adventure to Inform7

One of the players commands that is acted on is Go South.
So if the player is in a certain location and tries to Go South then some text is displayed.

But the problem is if the player types S or walk South instead of Go South.

I have tried Understand “S” or Go South instead of Go South.

But the problem is that when The player wants to Go South when the player is not in a certain location when nothing happens so it has removed the built in going south command from inform7.

Any suggestions would be welcome thanks.

Regards Brian.

I’m not perfectly sure that I understand what you want to do, but is disabling the standard going grammar really the best way to do it? If you want some text output to override the action of going south in response to commands such as GO SOUTH, SOUTH, or S in a certain room, just write an instead rule like this one: Instead of going south in The Certain Room, say "Nope."