Creating Backgrounds + Music

Hey all.

I made a inform 7 game, incorporating Vorple extensions.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to create a background image for the text to go over? Or even change the color of the background from white to black?

Also I’ve tried putting in audio mp3sa to the game and everytime I run it from the browser the audio cant be heard. Any ideas?

Kind regards


You need to create a custom CSS file, put it with the background image in the materials folder and include them with the released web interpreter. Something like this:

[code]Test is a room.

Include Vorple by Juhana Leinonen.
Release along with the “Vorple” interpreter.

Release along with the style sheet “bg.css”.
Release along with a file of “Background image” called “bg.jpg”.

And the contents of bg.css (save as a text file to materials folder):

#vorpleContainer {
    background-image: url('bg.jpg');

Did you remember to include the sound files? Did you use the correct filenames?