Creating An Input Box In Tweecode

Hello all.
I’ve lately been experimenting with Twee, due to the inaccessibility of Twine (both 1.x and 2.x) via screen reader.
Is there a way to create a text input box in Tweecode? I think twine has the textinput macro, which doesn’t seem to work in Twee.

The various versions of Twee, and Twee-a-likes (e.g. TweeGo, Twee 2), are simply compilers—much as both of the major Twine versions are IDE/compiler combos. Any and all features you have available to your project come from the story format you choose to use, as it’s the story format which is the web application your project is compiled into.

Thus, knowing which story format you’re using and its full version is important, because advice will tend to vary based on that information. Most available story formats include some kind of built-in way to accept text input—though they can vary quite a bit.

Since you specifically mentioned the <> macro. It only exists within the Twine/Twee 1.4+ vanilla story formats—Jonah, Sugarcane, Responsive.

SugarCube has the <> macro.

Harlowe has the (prompt:) macro.

Snowman, being the built-it-yourself format, does not have a built-in text input mechanism, so it would require a custom solution.

It’s so great to see you here, TheMadExile!