Creating a "where is Bob?" command

I’m trying to create a “where is [a person]?” command that you can ask of NPCs.

Querying the location is an action applying to one thing. Understand “where is [any known person]” as querying the location.

Report someone querying the location:
let Bob be the person asked;
let R be a number;
now the referent is the lexicon of Bob; [lexicon = a table that stores the last-known-loc]
now R is the Recognition corresponding to a Person of the noun in the referent; [look up stored value]
if R is 1:
let L be a room;
choose row with a person of the noun in the referent;
now L is the Room entry;
say “[Bob] reports that [the noun] was last seen in [the L].”;
if R is 0:
say “[Bob] has no recollection of the last location of [the noun].”;[/code]
However, all I get is “(person) is unable to do that.” My best guess is that “known” (from Epistemology) doesn’t apply to other actors, so the other actor can’t use the command. Is there a way around this?

This is the good old visible-touchable problem: you need to define the action as

Querying the location is an action applying to one visible thing.

Otherwise the action defaults to applying to one touchable thing, so Bob is unable to do it because he can’t touch the target. “Visible” doesn’t mean literally “can be seen” here, but “is in scope.”

Ah! Of course. Thank you. :slight_smile: