Creating a second pop-up browser window

I’m trying to add an on-screen map to my game. It would just be a .jpg of the floor plan of the building in which the game takes place. It would be really nice if this would pop-up in a separate window, so that the player could open/close/scroll/zoom as necessary.

However, I’m really stuck trying to get a second browser window to open in TADS 3. To be clear, I don’t want the map in an iFrame in the main window, but a completely separate browser window, opened with a typed command such as ‘map’.

Is there a simple way to do this?

I’ve tried to figure it out from the code, and got about as far as this:



verbPhrase = ‘’


mapWindow: WebResource, WebWindow

vpath = '/labMap.htm'
src = 'webuires/labMap.htm'


Which is to say, not very far - I think I need to create a new webwindow, which links to the resource, although there are probably some other parameters I need to define, which I don’t really understand from looking at the code - but then, I have no idea how to actually get that page to open, or even if it can be done without dozens of lines of code.

Of course, if there is some alternative method (e.g. using Javascript?) that would be just great as well.

Any suggestions much appreciated!


Sorry, should probably mention this is for WebUI, andI’m currently using Workbench on Windows 10.

AFAIK, you need to do this through Javascript. There is no API in TADS for creating windows.