Creating a Right Sidebar in Sugarcube 1.0.35

I am wanting to create a sidebar on the right side of the screen that is a similar size to the one on the left. The only thing I am wanting to put in the right sidebar is pictures for the player character portrait, and maybe a few things under it such as status. I found [SugarCube 2.7.2] Creating A Panel Similar To The UI-Bar - Twine Forum, but it doesn’t seem to work and is giving an error. Does anyone know how to do something similar in Sugarcube 1?

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Bit of a question here. Why are you using SugarCube v1? It’s really not something that anyone should be using for new development. Its last update was six years ago, which is an eternity in web-time.

SugarCube v2 (v2.36.1) is the current version and what you should really be using.

It’s what I originally learned, and I tried to search and find the differences between Sugarcube 1 and 2, but was unable to find anything comparing the two. I have no idea how much I would have to relearn to switch.