Creating a release version of an Inform7 game with Borogove

Hi All,

I use to create my game for the Single Choice Jam. From its Share menu I can download a web site which includes the story.ulx file but no cover art (apparently Borogove cannot handle this yet). Well I can upload the cover art separately into, unless someone has a trick to get it included into the game.

The bigger challenge I face is this: When I build the game, I do not see an option to create a release version. So the uploaded game on includes all not for release things as well, like all standard debugging commands etc. Is there a way for Borogove to build a release version of my Inform7 game? I am kinda hoping there is a silly flag somewhere I totally overlooked :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully there’s an easy way to do this that somebody knows, but just in case there isn’t, if you kick the code my way I’d be glad to compile a release version for you.


When using the “Download website” option, you should have a release version.
I’ve just tested it and it works for me. I’ve also read borogove’s source code, confirming that the release flag is set.
No idea why it doesn’t work for you.


Did/could you test it also with the newest compiler version?

It worked for me, too, but I could then reproduce the issue when I set the compiler version to 10.1.0 in Borogove’s settings.

The release then results in a debug version, both for the single file and the website release.

By default, Borogove sets 6M62 as the compiler version in the settings, and with that version, the release works as expected (normal non-debug version).

So, as far as I can tell, there might be something amiss with the compiler options when Borogove calls the newest version specifically.

Pinging @Juhana to take a look, please.

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Good point. I did not realise the compiler version was significant. I indeed use version 10.1.0 because I am using some features not supported in the older versions.


You’re right, it doesn’t work for me either with the newest version.

Indeed, the difference in borogove between v10 and the old versions is that a “-debug” flag is set for v10 (when not releasing) whereas a “-release” flag is set for the others (when releasing).

EDIT: The v10 IDE on mac uses the “-release” flag, I don’t know why borogove has changed that.