Creating a new template

I have reread Writing in Inform Chapter 25 on Releasing, but wanted to sanity-check my current understanding. This is what seems to be true:

If your story file has, e.g., Release along with the "Obidil" interpreter., without referring to releasing a website, you can’t use a custom play.html file; you will always get the play.html from the Standard template (more specifically the highest-precedence Standard template, i.e., your project’s materials Templates directory; your external Templates directory; the internal Templates directory).

In order to get a custom play.html you need a release with website clause, e.g., Release along with an "Obidil" website and the "Obidil" interpreter. But there’s nothing stopping you from using the same custom template directory to provide both the website and interpreter as in the preceding example.

And also: if you’ve claimed in your (manifest).txt to be able to handle both glulx and zcode, it’s 100% up to you to have javascript that figures out which you need and to do the right thing; Inform is completely neutral on the subject.

That sound right?


Right, the interpreter template provides code to go in play.html, but play.html comes from the website template.

I guess not? But it’s kinda weird. Probably clearer to have differently named templates for websites and interpreters.