Create one off events depending on variables

Twine Version: 2.3.15
Story Format: Harlowe 3.2.3

I’m trying create a game/story where it’s possible to romance one of the npc’s and you can gain their affection by choosing different dialogue options which reward you. So far so good but once the affection stat and another stat is high enough i would like that i triggers a one off event where you, go on a date or whatever.
My problem is if i just make the if: statA >x and statB >y version then it’s just a link that won’t disapear.

Thanks for helping and i hope i was clear enough ^^

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Besides checking statA and statB, you can check if the date passage has been visited already.

oh so you mean with the visit macro.
thanks haven’t thought about that!

but now i think that it would maybe also work with bolesn values or?
if statA >x and statB > y and bolean value date false then date, and if statA >x and statB >y and bolean value date true then no date.
and somewhere during the date i set the bolea value to true since it happenend.

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Sure, that would work also. :grin: