Create a Login System?

Hello. My first post here. I want to ask a funny question, but I really want to know it. I use Twine 1.x and sugarcube 2.

Can I create a fake login system? For example, I want players to input their username at the menu before playing.

But, the username will depend on what players input and players cannot enter the game with wrong username.

For example, player A use Bluesky as a username and player B use Blackcloud. Player A cannot enter Blueskies (because it wrong username).

Player A cant use Blackcloud as a username bcz it is player B’s username.

Can Twine or sugarcube actually do that? If yes, how? Maybe with help from save file or something?

Thank you.

You can’t really use Twine 1.x with SugarCube 2, as SugarCube was made for Twine 2.
The current version of Twine is 2.8.1 and has SugarCube 2 included.

This can be done with the <<textbox>> macro, with a button that checks the value input by the player.

Hi, Manon.

But, I can use sugarcube 2.36.1 for my twine 1.4.3 game. All versions of SC can be used in Twine 1 I think.

I already create a game with SC-2 and twine 1, named Occult Master on itch and it works perfectly fine.

(btw, why I can’t use hyperlink in this post?)

New users can’t post links. It’s a spam deterrent. You need to read enough posts, like some, etc… to be considered a member and get access to this function.

Also, my bad. You’re right. It’s written on the docu that it’s possible to use it in Twine 1. Though, there is a warning for it.

Anyway, textbox and a button/link to check the value inputed. I’ve done that for DOL-OS. You can find it in the :: User passage on the source code

EDIT: is this your game:

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Ah, yes. That is my game. Still in development, but almost done.

“User passage on the source code”. Noted. I will check it out. Thank you very much.

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