While adding to the code of my WIP today (I am at 63,000 words), my system crashed. It crashed while I was typing. I am using a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 on it. What happened was, while I was typing, suddenly the screen went black with a blue box saying something about ‘dumping’, then it blacked again and went into restart, then checkdisk. When that was done, it went to my desktop, only now it’s black and says that my copy of Windows is not genuine, and I need to either reinstall Windows 7 or restore the system(this copy of Windows came with the laptop). And when I restart, a box appears saying that an unauthorized change was made to Windows, plus ‘reinstall or restore’. Could this have anything to do with Inform 7?? Inform 7 has not yet given me any notification that I need to change memory limits(given my word count). I have no problem with backing up my files and programs(as soon as I can get out and get a USB stick, I will do this) and resetting my system, I just feel I need to know if this problem may be connected to Inform…??

I am so pissed off–I have worked on this game for some time now and I have other writing on this computer.


This almost certainly has nothing to do with Inform 7 whatsoever.

Thanks, Mike. I actually think it might be a virus I picked up the other day.

Or possible initial phases of hard drive failure.

(Edited to add) I only say because my computers started doing odd stuff like that prior to HD fail. Back up your work online (email it to yourself if anything)! Or get an external drive for safety.

As others stated, this likely has zero to do with Inform 7.

You can get a free account on Bitbucket and keep private work there. Good idea to learn to use git for saving your projects. Keep records of your changes / authorship. Otherwise, Google Drive is free 15GB if you are already in the Google ecosystem.

Thank you all,

I got a flashdrive and backed up all my work. A new computer, if I can’t fix this one, is on the horizon. My dad can build me one for free(67 years old and he’s still working!).