Cragne source code page

I am now collecting Cragne Manor room source code. See web page:

I started by asking the authors who have posted source code in this forum recently. Now the doors are open! If you want your source on this page, please email it to me. Or post it on the forum and let me know that it’s okay for me to post it.

(I’m looking for the raw source, which is Source/ in your Inform project. Don’t send the HTML; I’ve got my own syntax coloring going on.)

Jenni talked about doing this but the idea got shelved, so now I’m doing it. Opt-in only. This will never be a complete collection but it’s nice to try.


First sentences on the linked website (under the title of course):

Eighty-four IF authors got together to write a game. I was one (just one!) of them. None of us knew what any of the others were doing.

For all I have read about Cragne Manor, these few sentences made me stand back in awe again. What a monster project!

I’m still too intimidated to get started on it. But I will. I promise, one day I will…


I tested the game, so I knew what a lot of rooms were, and I was still intimidated at the prospect.

It was very worth it when I finally got around to it.

It’s good to see some familiar names on the webpage, including some not from the original topic. I imagine Ryan and Jenni may have access to all the source, but of course we’d want the authors’ permission for it. Maybe it’s worth poking them to send an email to the same list they used for the testing phase when authors swapped stuff.

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Up to 22 files now!

Also, I came up with a better HTML formatter. The indentation now works the same as it does in the Inform IDE. It’s subtle but the result is way more readable.


I heard about this in 2018. I thought I’d check it out in hopes of getting my feet wet in the world of being an author. I know it’s not much, but like the saying goes, a little goes a long way! Seeing my name as one of the authors really makes me feel good!