Counterfeit Monkey release 9

Release 9 of Counterfeit Monkey is finally out. Get it here!

This version fixes various bugs discovered since the last release. See the change log for a list of major changes, and the commit history for details.

Thanks to Dan Fabulich, 2lindell, Ed King, jackk225, Kevin Lo, nosferatu-if, OtherOlly, Sabe Jones, Sukil Etxenike, and thehatless for testing and reporting bugs.

Special thanks to Dannii Willis, Andrew Plotkin, and, of course, Emily Short.


I feel like you can stop thanking me now :wink: since release 6 it’s all been you!

Fair enough. I keep thanking the people who contributed to the early versions because you taught me Inform and the intricacies of Glulx. I couldn’t have done it without you.

That really should include Vince Laviano (@vlaviano) as well, who did some impressive work to untangle a couple of complex parsing bugs.