Counterfeit Monkey Release 7 … ses/tag/r7

After working on it for 20 months, we are proud to present the first major release of the open source, community version of Counterfeit Monkey.

Apart from countless bug fixes and major performance improvements, this new version also includes four new achievements to find.

The following coders and bug reporters have contributed to this release, in no particular order: Petter Sjölund, Dannii Willis, Daniel Stelzer, Andrew Plotkin, Vince Laviano, Matt Weiner, Ben Moon, Aaron Howell, BroadcastGames, Feldherren, FrumpyJones, KeyboardSounds, Stephen Gutknecht, Sabe Jones, toriningen, zzxyz, and, of course, Emily Short.

A big thanks to all involved!

[EDIT: Forgot Matt Weiner!]


Very nice. Thank you!