Counterfeit Monkey release 11 is out

This release introduces a new MAP command that shows the map across the entire screen, especially useful when playing on a phone or other smaller devices. If the game window is small, the map will no longer open automatically at the start of the game.

Fixes a long-standing obscure bug where certain scenes would never end if started at certain game turns. Also fixes a more amusing bug where Alex’s mother would randomly pick up the player from the futon and place them on the kitchen counter.

Read the full change log here.

Thanks to Nic Borensztein (@nicbor), Emily Ellis (@scgtrp), @imxtrabored, @purplepoet01, and Cole (@morgenman) for testing and reporting bugs.

Special thanks to tester, bug reporter and invisiclues maker extraordinaire Dan Fabulich (@dfabulich).

Extra special thanks to Emily Short (@emshortif),


You can download the new version here:


I’m quite excited about this. As someone who hasn’t actually played it yet, this is great news for me (but #NotEverythingIsAboutMe). It’s on the short list of games Kay and I want to play and discuss for Eaten By A Grue, and it’s been repeatedly recommended to us. I’m really looking forward to playing it.