Counterfeit Monkey Invisiclues Hints

Paste your inventory here, and the results of looking, and we can try to help?


We are equipped with the following essentials: your B-remover (upgraded to handle animates and abstracts), a backpack, a flash drive, a monocle, some Origin Paste, a pan (really the smuggled plans in disguise), a roll, and a tub of restoration gel.

We are also carrying some asparagus, a ball, a banana, a coat, a cross, a crumpled cocktail napkin, a dove, a fossil, Guidebook to Anglophone Atlantis, a jigsaw, Journal of Third-World Economics, a keycard (which opens the small door), a letter, a lime, a map of Slangovia, a pass, a piece, a ring (which opens the sturdy iron gate), some sage, a screwdriver, some screws, a shopping bag, a shred, a shrimp cocktail, a shuttle, a sill, a silver platter, a stick, Studies in Primary Language Acquisition, a twig, a word, and a yam.

Sensitive Equipment Testing Room
A room with no windows, no cameras, no recording equipment, and barely any furniture.

Brock is preternaturally still.

At the center of the room is a gleaming new T-inserter Machine.

Any help is very appreciated!

You have a piece. This can used to solve the puzzle with the hints titled Hard Goal: Test T-inserter (Alternate solution) above.

I’ve fixed the hints to include hints for solving the puzzle with four different objects in Easy Mode. This includes fixing it with the piece, which @Angstsmurf recommended, but I believe you can also turn your sill back into a spill and do it that way.

More details:

Brock only brings a sign into the room if you don’t have an “it-derivative.” The code defines the sign, the spill, the pita, and the piece as “it-derivatives,” and anything “proffered by” (generated from) those four objects.

I have now documented in Easy Mode hints how to spell “it” using any of those four objects. Most players will bring none of them, in which case Brock will bring his own sign, but if he doesn’t bring a sign, then you must have brought one of those four it-derivatives, and so the hints should now have you covered in any case.

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Thank you both, I really appreciate it!

You can also turn the sill into an ill, and then turn that into an “I”.

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Just played for the first time–thanks so much for the hints, I definitely needed them at a few points!

I used these alternate tests for the T-inserter:

Creatures: Convert the sage to a sag, then sag → stag.

Abstracts: IIRC, I solved this one by making the sign a sin and then doing sin → stint; I never had to make an “it”.

More than one thing: Seer automaton → steer automaton OR setter automaton.

Re: the boiler puzzle: In my game (which was Release 11), the bucket made A become U, E become A, I become E, O become I, and U become O. This meant the only object that worked for me was the pan, which became a pun.

Also, I hadn’t saved at the beginning of the Atlantida encounter, but I discovered that fortunately the game autosaves at that point!


Providing brief hints for that section is challenging, because there are so many things you could make and might or might not have brought with you.

But the game ensures that you can spell just one particular abstract, “it,” no matter what you brought with you, so that’s what I documented here.

That’s what happens when you flip the switch in the boiler room.

The autosaving mechanism was buggy in earlier releases. I assume it’s fixed now, but the bugs were subtle, so I’ve left in that save warning.