Counterfeit Monkey Hard Mode solutions (spoilers!)

I recently wrote my Counterfeit Monkey Invisiclues thread based on this image from Emily Short’s blog.

I had some questions.

  1. The image indicates that “basins” is a solution for the Waterstone puzzle. Is “basins” meant to be BIN + ASS? Using the bin from the Bureau? I can’t get those to synthesize in Release 8. (Or is it “ba” + “sins?” That didn’t work either, at least not when I converted two signs into sins and stacked them up in the synthesizer.)

  2. It also says that you can convert the bin into “ahi” in the bucket in the Generator room next to the dais. But that’s not how the bucket works in hard mode, is it? It converts consonants into the subsequent vowel, and vowels into the subsequent consonant. Thus “lamb” becomes “oboe” (just as the image says), but “bin” becomes “ejo.” (Is there anything else you can use besides the lamb in hard mode?) Ah, never mind. The bucket has a “reverse” switch.

The basins were removed by me by mistake and will be back in the next release.

Regarding the signs, it is a quirk of the game that stacks of identical things are different from plural objects, such as the plans, which is really a single plural-named object. The latter can be de-pluralized by removing the s, the former can not. It is even possible to create some parser-nightmare scenarios where both a stack of identical pot-objects and a plural-pots object are present at the same time.