Could use some hints for "Just another Fairy Tale"

My plan is to play all 104 games before the end of the comp, and the first game in my random shuffle is a 2 hour long ADRIFT parser game with no walkthrough.I’m having some fun so far, but I could use some hints. I know it’s early in the comp, but I figured it’s better to start a hint thread early so people can add to it or use it later on.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
In the house:

Looked under my bed for a backpack
Found my pants on the chair
got the compass
got everything from the cabinet
took the quill and found (but could not read) the parchment
untied the rope and took it with me

In Mirkwood:

Gave cheese to the fisherman and got a slingshot
found the boat
found the trolls

Things where can’t figure out what to do:
In the house

Get the axe
read the parchment

In Mirkwood:

I tried throwing the string at the boat, but it’s just a bit short
Don’t know how to handle the trolls or make it past the place where the path ends


It seems that you have everything you need to proceed. I recommend that you save often under a new name often, since this game can become unwinnable. I usually type “save a1”, “save a2” etc. to quickly save a new game.

Here are a few hints to get you going:

  1. In the location where you met the fisherman, try to X RIVER. You will then find some pebbles that you need.

  2. It is time to deal with the trolls

  3. When you are south of the clearing with the trolls, try to LISTEN (not required but gives you a hint for later)

7. You can now go north into the clearing
8. There is a wordplay going on here, regarding the Polish forest trolls…
9. They have become wooden poles. You can MAKE RAFT

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! There were two locations where I didn’t think the river was close, so this information really helped. Thanks, Denk!

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The author Finn Rosenløv has now uploaded a hint sheet to the IFComp site, which will appear if you click on “walkthrough” here:

Just a Fairy Tale

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