Could it be a bug?

I wrote a simple story that basically recreates the Bridge of Death scene from Monty Python & the Holy Grail. Tested it several times in Inform 7, then did a Release for Testing. I tried the game in Windows Frotz several times and it worked fine. I tried the Parchment web version several times and it worked fine. Loaded the story file on my phone to test it with Xyzzy and Text Fiction. In both apps, the story consistently failed to recognize a correct answer to the third question. The response always looked something like this:

I went over my code several times trying to figure out why the story would fail only on some interpreters. Addie confirmed the story wasn’t working and looked at the Xyzzy code, but couldn’t find a fix.

That’s the setup. I finally traced the source of the problem. In my original code, I was using:

if "[the player's command in lower case]" matches the text "[answer entry]":

I changed it to:

if "[the player's command]" matches the text "[answer entry]", case insensitively:

That resolved the Android issue. So the question is, could there be a bug associated with the “in lower case” tag that only manifests in certain interpreters and only when applied to the player’s command?
bridge-of-death-r1.txt (12.1 KB)

Is it possible? Yes. It doesn’t seem likely, but something obviously went wrong somewhere.

You could narrow down the situation by adding debug output:

say “DEBUG: [the player’s command] -> [the player’s command in lower case]”;

…and seeing if anything looks wrong.

Thanks zarf. I made a quick test:

The Compartment is a room. "This would be a lovely room, if there was any way out of it." The bulkhead is a backdrop. "At one point the bulkheads were painted a color known as 'gun-metal gray.' Now they are a dark, reddish-not-quite-black." Understand "bulkheads" as the bulkhead. The bulkhead is everywhere. After reading a command: say "DEBUG: [the player's command] -> [the player's command in lower case][line break]"; if "[the player's command in lower case]" matches the text "wall": say "What a civilian might call 'walls,' you call a bulkhead."; reject the player's command;
Running a test release on Windows Frotz and I get:

Running it on my Android phone with either Xyzzy or Text Fiction, I get:

With ACTIONS and RULES we get on Xyzzy:

Looks like “in lower case” is doing something more to the player’s command than just changing the case, but only on certain operating systems?