Cooking with Specific Instructions

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I’m working on a project in which you must cook uncooked pasta on a stove in a cooking pot. I want to make “cook” and “cooking” something that can be done only when a stove is present. I’m trying to make it so that the player must specifically “cook pasta in pot” with a stove present, say “what would you like to cook pasta with?” if they don’t specify “pot”, and make any other combination of items say “This would be pointless”. And “uncooked pasta” should become “cooked pasta” at the end.

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Maybe something like this (could be cleaned up and made tighter):

Cookware is a kind of thing.

Cooking it with is an action applying to two things. Understand "cook [something] in [something]" as cooking it with.

Check cooking it with:
	if the noun is not Pasta:
		say "This game is about cooking pasta, not cooking [a noun]! Don't be a fool!";
		stop the action;
	if the second noun is not cookware:
		say "You can't cook with [the second noun]! Are you insane?";
		stop the action.

Carry out cooking it with:
	if the stove is touchable and the second noun is the pot:
		say "You cook [the noun] in [the second noun]! Hot!";
		say "You put the wet noodles in your pocket.";
		now Pasta is nowhere;
		now the player has cooked pasta;
		say "There's no stove here, numbskull. Get thee to a kitchen.".
The kitchen is a room. The player is in The Kitchen.
The bedroom is north of the kitchen.

The stove is scenery in the kitchen.
A hat is in the kitchen.
The pot is cookware on the stove. 
Pasta is a thing in the kitchen.
Cooked Pasta is an edible thing.

Output Sample:

You can see a stove (on which is a pot), a hat and Pasta here.

>get pot, hat, pasta
pot: Taken.
hat: Taken.
Pasta: Taken.

You can see a stove here.



>cook pasta in pot
There's no stove here, numbskull. Get thee to a kitchen.


You can see a stove here.

>cook hat in pot
This game is about cooking pasta, not cooking a hat! Don't be a fool!

>cook pasta in hat
You can't cook with the hat! Are you insane?

>cook pasta in pot
You cook Pasta in the pot! Hot!
You put the wet noodles in your pocket.

You are carrying:
  Cooked Pasta
  a hat
  a pot
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You, my good sir, are a god. Even your writing style matches mine quite well, I’m honestly very impressed!!

Thanks a billion for your help. Keep up the fantastic writing!!

Glad to help and glad you dig my style :slight_smile:

Hold the heck on, I’m an idiot! You’re HowToPhil!! I’ve been a fan of your stuff for a while! Your guides have helped me, and Getting to Work is what got my into Inform 7 in the first place!

Thank you for all of your amazing hard work. Great to meet ya!

Rock! :slight_smile: It’s good to know those guides help people out :slight_smile:

Getting To Work And Other Bullshit is a fun side project. :slight_smile: I piece it together as I learn inform 7. :slight_smile:

I recenlty added “Specious Park” north of the crawling skeleton. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit of nostalgiac reference to the Lost Woods in the original Zelda. The way out of the park is the same as the way out of the Lost Woods. :wink:

There’s some fleshing out and a possible table to keep track of “where” things are dropped in the maze (since it’s really one looping room) that needs to happen. Maybe I’ll have a pixie drop everything the player drops back out on the sidewalk…

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Brilliant XD

I love LoZ, glad to see fans keeping such an amazing series alive. Keep rocking on that game, it’s seriously a joyride all the way through. So many fun bits and pieces.