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You’ll have to forgive me because I’ve been out of the loop for a while, and have only lately returned to IF as a hobby. I’ve done my best to search this forum for answers to these queries, but to no avail, so:

I’m puzzled by the disappearance of Eric Eve’s set of conversation extensions from the Inform site. Have these been superseded by Aaron Reed’s Conversation Framework for Sand-dancer?

If so can I swap the two without causing too many problems for my game?

And finally will Conversation Framework for Sand-dancer work with 6G60, which I’m still using?

I had an idea that there was a further extension to Eric Eve’s set that included conversation topics. I have an NPC with whom the player can discuss various abstract ideas, and I don’t want to have to have a duplicate response for every synonym of those subjects.

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J. J. Guest

I’m puzzled too. Everything on the I7 site’s Extensions page is obsolete with respect to the new version. Possibly someone removed Eric’s extensions at a time when they were planning to upgrade that page … but then something else happened.

You can get Eric’s extensions from These are presumably compatible with 6L38. (I haven’t tested them yet.) As a result, they may not work with 6G60. Please let us know what you discover about this!

Thanks for the link Jim. What I’ve discovered so far is that the Sand Dancer extension can’t be substituted for Eric’s set. I’ll let you know if I find out more.

Isn’t everything at the ‘payloads’ site exactly what’s available on the Public Library subtab of Extensions in I7?


It looks as though Eric’s Conversation extensions are still available at the Inform 7 Extension sites, but the links from the main page have disappeared somehow. But:

Conversation Framework
Conversation Nodes
Conversation Package

…well, you get the idea, just change the name of the extension in the URL. I’m pretty sure these are 6G60 versions, as they don’t have 6L-style responses.

I’m not sure exactly what happened there. I know that at some point whatever backend code they use for the extension website was bugged in a way that broke links to the documentation for similar extensions, so maybe something like that happened again. I’ll file a bug, I guess.

What happened is that the extensions are now part of the Public Library. In Inform, you can find them by clicking on the Extensions tab, and then clicking on the “Public Library” button. All of the extensions that you list here are available in that way.

But there’s still an issue for anyone who wants the 6G60 version (like J.J. did). Those are the versions that are up on the old site but not listed on the index pages–the Public Library versions won’t be helpful for someone who’s still using 6G60.

Right - and I believe that’s the bit that Dannii is addressing.

OK–just wasn’t sure whether “They’re on the Public Library” was being presented as a solution.