Conversation Extensions for 10.something

While i’m hesitant to keep making so many topics, my insofar experience with this forum has been nothing less than stellar so i’ll rather shamelessly take advantage of it!

I’m leaning towards a menu inclusive conversation system, with the option for free input as well. Trying to sort through all the documented conversation-related extensions in the github seems like a daunting, if not impossible task, considering the very strict, impending time limit of the springthing, hence my question.

Does any kindly soul have an idea on what would most easily implement the aforementioned? A central part of the game hinges on constant interaction with a follower npc, so ideally the prompts should be of the like :

    1. choice a,
  • 2 choice b,
  • 3 free input with table lookup for reply based on location - worldstate.

I am using vorple and this -is- my first project, so there’s a lot of treading water with trying to see what sticks.

…i also understand that this is a fairly broad question, i’m not looking for much more than personal opinions of the like, “this extension is neat, because you can do x or y with it”.

You could build this from Michael Martin’s extensions, I think. Take a look at this one to start with:


Working with this extension has been incredibly promising, but i do have one followup question. If i want to say keep the ask-tell options, is there a way to override the

Section 1 - Cancelling ASK, TELL, and ORDERS

Before asking someone about (this is the reject asking for talking rule): clue talking instead.
Before telling someone about (this is the reject telling for talking rule): clue talking instead.
Before answering someone that (this is the reject answering for talking rule): clue talking instead.
Before asking someone to try doing something (this is the reject commanding for talking rule): clue talking instead.

rules? I understand that removing rules from the rulebook is an option, but the exact implementation puzzles me somewhat.

-to clarify, without editing the extension itself as that just seems like bad manners.

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“The reject asking for talking rule is not listed in any rulebook.” (and permutations for the others) should work, I think - at least, that’s how it works for the Standard Rules and I’d think the mechanism would be the same.

(I’ve used this extension and found it really good - the one quirk is that the follow-up dialogue options, i.e. the reactable quips, interact with the timing rules in a sort of idiosyncratic way, so you might check the behavior there carefully. Sorry I can’t be more specific, it’s been a couple of years!)

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Much appreciated!
I’ll keep an eye on it, though i think (hope) i’ll avoid any eventual issues entirely by ignoring the whole turn-counting aspect.

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And now for something a bit more specialized(?)
The extension allows for the modal selection of conversations, but they don’t show up on the parser line, only a number does! So, using vorple i can amend that with

change the text of the player's previous command to whoareyou text "Who are you?";

still, that is the exact same text i have in the quip table,

prompt	response	enabled
"Who are you?"	whoareyou	1

Is there a way to link the two, or is this an instance of… manual labor?

To add on the nature of the question. say that a table has a result topc, per

Table of Ask Results (continued)
NPC	topic	result

is it possible to link a result from the table of quip texts, into the actual table of conversation?
Essentially i want to merge the flow, so if someone chooses to verbatim type “Who are you”, the result will be the exact same as pressing 1. - with the result being visually indistinguishable.

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