Conversation builder?

I’ve been looking into the Threaded Conversations extension by Chris Conley, which I’ve seen recommended here. It suggests using an extension called “Conversation Builder,” which isn’t with the v10 extensions over at GH. Is it incompatible with v10?

I don’t even know how important this is, I’m just trying to follow the documentation.

Conversation Builder is incompatible with 10, but if you switch the an earlier branch and grab that version it will compile and run fine if you set Inform to the previous version. I don’t think I had to change anything to make it work.

You can then use Conversation Builder and copy-and-paste in the output as normal.

Having said that, I found it useful while I was getting the hang of the system, but I stopped using it after that. There’s quite a lot of parts of the Threaded Conversation extension that the Builder doesn’t expose.

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Everything in the 9.3 branch that was omitted from the 10.1 branch was because it wouldn’t compile in 10.1. In some of those cases, it may actually be trivial to port them and it’s just that no one’s done it yet. (Other cases may be difficult or impossible…)

at a glimpse, I’m going to guess those two would be other than trivial.

It looks like TC is OK. It’s there. I think the prereqs are V10-compatible, too. Based on what Stephen is saying, I’ll continue with v10 and try to learn the TC without CB. Sounds like that might be better in the long run.

heh, oops. I’m the one who updated it a year ago, but what I didn’t update to reflect that batch was the extension directory page which is what I was looking at.

I’m the one who initially populated it, so I can say for sure that it was. (It doesn’t mean that something couldn’t have an undiscovered misbehavior in 10.1 that’s subtler than just: “won’t compile”.)

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