Conterfeit Monkey QuotaExceededError

When trying to save a game in Counterfeit Monkey (web version), I am getting:

Quixe run: Error: QuotaExceededError: DOM Exception 22 QuotaExceededError: DOM Exception 22 QuotaExceededError

Is there a limit on the number of saved games? Can I remove old ones? Tnx

Okay, first of all, I’m impressed. This game was not intended to run in Quixe. When I try it, it burns about ten seconds per move (for moves that involve changing rooms, which are a sore spot). So props to your computer.

In the current version of Quixe, you can delete save games by hitting the “Edit” button in the save/restore dialog. (Top right corner.)

However, if you’re running off, you won’t see that, because it’s not on the latest version.

You may also be able to increase the amount of storage available for web app local storage. This would be a browser preference, and would depend on the browser (if it’s possible at all).

I am running from, so I will have to see what I can do with the browser settings. I did not realize that this was how it worked. This is certainly not the fastest game I have ever played. I am running Chrome so I will see what I can do with the the HTML5 storage.

Thanks very much for the pointers.

From the Chrome menu, go to Tools -> Developer Tools. In the resources tab you’ll see Local Storage there. Hope this helps!

Zarf, we should eventually shift to using indexedDB. But, that will take work.

CM doesn’t even start in Parchment on my computer… :confused: [Edit] Wait, the CPU is running so it’s doing something. But I can’t be bothered waiting for it.

Just to add to the list, iFrotz also has a painful time moving around in Counterfeit Monkey.

Now that has to be the most confusing sentence I’ve ever written, especially if you don’t know much IF.

Totally off topic: Not the most confusing, but the most disturbing sentence I’ve ever uttered was “Baby has got a hold of A Severed Head.”

(He was crawling around near the bookcase and the Iris Murdoch was on the bottom shelf.)

Can’t top that. Ever.

Yes, Emily considers Counterfeit Monkey to be desktop/laptop-only. If you can get it working in a portable device or a browser, that’s a bonus, painful or not.

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(There weren’t any newbies at the table, and she wasn’t speaking loudly. Still, I was impressed.)

That allowed me to delete some of the older saves, giving me space for new ones. Not as easy to use as the menu option from the newer version of the software, but it got the job done. Thanks