Content Creation Extension [was: Here to help!]

I maked a thing. Long long time ago. Recently I updated it. It’s a bit wonkier now but also more powerful! And I want to share it, because someone might need it. I can also make the code available if you’re into it to make your own stuff which is included in the game.

so actually i wanted to make this an extension but I don’t know how to make it an extension so it’s just a standalone thingy. i’d love to make it an extension so people can just add it easily to their project and make use of it whenever they need it in their story, include some procedurally generated content. if you can help me with this, best bet is to reach me through here, probably through this topic but if you want you can send me a private message instead too. updated content creation assistant.ulx (633 KB)

downloaded 12 times, nobody left me any notes or feedback or nothing :C
sad panda

You may wish to peruse these chapters and articles regarding creating an extension:

Chapter 27 (in multiple parts) details how to craft an extension:

Contributing Extensions: Some Guidelines