Container no longer lists the items that are inside of it

Greetings my friendly neighborhood forum, It’s me, ya person, back at it again with a rousing yet confusing problem.

I have this bit of code:

Inside House is a metal chest.
The metal chest is an openable closed container.
Inside Metal Chest is Ornate Ring. Ornate Ring is Undescribed. 
The description of Ornate Ring is "You examine the ring a few times. It's extravagant. A platinum ring, etched with some kind of glowing blue essence in a pattern of stars. It makes a constellation but it's not one you recognize. Your best bet says that it is definately enchanted, but you don't have the skills to identify it, you'll have to take it back to the castle wizard to check it. Better make sure to Take this"

Inside metal chest is a Leather Square. 
Leather Square is undescribed. 
The description of Leather Square is "[if Amulet is Found]Strange, it has the same depiction from that amulet you just found in the waterfall. A circle with a vertical line going halfway through it, with a smaller circle at it's tip. Now that you reflect on it, you wonder if maybe it depicts our intrepid Kahne from the tapestry we found earlier. Hopefully we find more about it later, you feel completely invigorated! [otherwise] A leather square with a strange symbol on it. A circle with a line drawn vertically down the middle, about half way, with a smaller circle at it's tip. Interesting, hopfully you find some more information about this in the city of Awa itself!"

Now, when I go in to test it, it doesn’t list the Ring or the Leather Square as items in the container, BUT I can still examine them. which is infuriatingly weird.

Here’s an example of what I’m seeing:

Edit: I should note that it previously didn’t do this, so it’s definately something I added. Other than additional rooms, I have added a rule, that may be a problem but I"m not certain how to circumvent it as I need it for a game mechanic.

The rule is:

Something can be found. Something is usually not found.

Check examining something:
	now the noun is found.

I haven’t tested this, but I’ve never used “inside” for something in a container. I thought that was for room connections. Maybe try

The ornate ring is in the metal chest.


It’s because they’re undescribed. What were you hoping undescribed would do? If you just wanted to assert that their description was "", that’s the default.


Well, When I just said it was in the chest, it would say, when you entered the house, that there was a metal chest with a ring inside it. I was trying to make it so you had to open the chest to see the ring was there. And it did previously, but now suddenly it just keeps them from showing up whatsoever.

The metal chest is a closed openable container.


So long as the chest is closed and not transparent, this should be the default behavior. Did you have the chest specified as closed before you added the undescribed lines? Because the code you’ve shown as written, with the undescribed lines removed, should do what you’re looking for.