container (closed)

I’ve worked with Inform 6 and I am now messing with inform 7. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of (closed) when I have a container? For example I have a fortune cookie and I have a piece of paper inside. How to I get it to say “there is a fortune cookie here” and not have (closed) in the sentence?

This is something I found in google groups from Emily Short. It works but it does not change the text in inventory. If anyone has any suggestions please let know.

[code]Home is a room. A couch is in home.

Steve is a man on the couch. A book is on the couch. The book is
portable. A pencil is on
the book.
Rule for writing a paragraph about a supporter (called pedestal) which
supports something:
say "You can see [a pedestal] here. ";
repeat with item running through things enclosed by the
pedestal begin;
say "[A item] is on [the holder of item]. ";
end repeat;
say paragraph break.

Going by what worked with I6, try saying “The fortune cookie is not openable.”

but if I do that how do I open the fortune cookie and get the paper out?

Write a specific “break” or “open” action. (Also, if you leave it as openable, the cookie will be closeable.)

I see what you are saying but the problem is that being new to inform 7 I’m not quite sure how to do that. Can you help me with writing a break or open action? Thanks.